st anton advanced snowboarding lessons

Advanced snowboard lessons

Improve your turns and style

Teaching advanced-expert snowboarders is our second nature. We have taught international snowboard instructor courses, trained the British UK army team and the Dutch Freestyle selection. We have got a solid background of the level 3 Austrian snowboard instructor course, and even more importantly tons of experience.

Improving your snowboard skills at a very high level can be challenging. Some of your mistakes may have become ingrained. We have developed many exercises to correct these errors, and we know what works for each learning type.

The core of a proper snowboarding technique is making solid turns with an appropriate technique for each kind of condition. You have to learn to analyze yourself to become a stylish snowboarder; you have to feel the snow in your toes and enjoy every single part of the turn. Then you can express yourself on a snowboard like no one other can.

st anton snowboarding lessons

Let us improve your snowboarding

Book your St Anton advanced snowboard lessons here. Everybody has their wishes and ideas; the Black Sheep are here to make it happen! Just let us know what you want to learn. Below are just a few examples to help you become a better snowboarder.

  • How much experience do you have? How many weeks have you been snowboarding?
  • How old are you and how is your physical condition?
  • Have you had snowboard lessons before?
  • What is your preferred meeting place? Is it Galzig, Nasserein, Rendl, St. Christoph, Stuben, Zürs or maybe in Lech?
  • What do you want to improve in your snowboarding?
  • What is your preferred terrain?

2 hours snowboarding lessons St Anton


  • 2 hours session private snowboard instructor

  • 1 person

  • each additional person €30,-

  • flexible times and meeting place

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3 hours snowboarding lessons St Anton


  • 3 hours session private snowboard instructor

  • 1 person

  • each additional person €30,-

  • flexible times and meeting place

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5 hours snowboarding lessons St Anton


  • 5 hours session private snowboard instructor

  • 1 person

  • each additional person €40,-

  • flexible times and meeting place

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*A helmet and wrist guards are strongly recommended!

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Become efficient on your snowboard

Why is it so important to get a proper snowboard technique? The answer is: "the better you get, the faster you will ride, the more significant the risk for injuries or collapses." A solid reaction can “save your butt” in a close call. This response arises from muscle memory, experience, and your fitness. If you have got a proper snowboard technique, you will save energy and thus have a better reaction. When you are efficient, your days will last longer, be more enjoyable and you begin to be much safer on the mountain.

The art of turning

Aesthetical turns are underrated! What is the thing you do the most on a board? Exactly make turns! The better you handle them, the better you can draw your lines. Whether it is carving, drifting, surfing pow or linking your first turns. Turns are essential in snowboarding. Every snowboarder needs proper turns.

Turns let you control your speed, line, pressure on your edge and body. It is a meditative way to translate your feelings. Excellent turns prevent fatigue, so can enjoy your days longer and make better use of them. We advise you on your material, explain you which board-type fits best to your style and can help you with pain or cramp in your feet by positioning you on the board and bindings.

Everybody is welcome from old veterans to snowboard rookies. Luckily making proper turns is getting appreciated again in snowboarding, when the snow is old you can still enjoy your days.

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st anton carving lessons

Carving sessions

Do you remember? Carving has been hot in the eighties. It was about making deep ruts and laying down your Kevlar gloves on perfect corduroy pistes. The only thing that has changed is that most people ride on soft boots now and have different boards. The snowboard equipment has become so good, that you can carve just as good as in the eighties on hard-boots(well, maybe with a few exceptions). If you want to learn some proper carving, you are at the right address!

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