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Shot by our great friend Michiel Rotgans

We have been taking care of snowboarders since 1997 with great joy. As a snowboard instructor in these big hierarchical ski-schools, you had to fight for your right; you were considered a Black Sheep. Skiers and chiefs at ski schools were neglecting us; they were hoping that this rebellious sport was over soon. We always have felt that snowboarding was here to stay. Nowadays it is a grown up and well-accepted sport, its revolution reached all over the world and inspired skiers, freeriders and lots of other action sports.

Snowboarding is more than a sport to the Black Sheep; it has been a way of experiencing freedom and adventure in the mountains. It was about escaping the duties of daily life and taking care of your soul. Snowboarding helped us to reach new heights in our personal development and took away our insecurities. We would like to guide you along in your snowboard journey and help you to discover true snowboarding.

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