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Tromsø/Lyngen Alps Splitboard trip

An advanced splitboard trip north of the Norwegian Arctic Circle

The next step from the Lofoten. Since a lot of our Lofoten trip guests want to explore new and more challenging terrain in a similar breathtaking environment. Troms, Kvaløya, Ringvassøya and the Lyngen alps also have the fjord views, but with peaks over 1500m, and more glacial terrain compared to the Lofoten.

We'll be picking you up at the Tromso (TOS) airport on Sunday afternoon and will be touring between 900m and 1500m a day, depending on the weather and conditions.

In spring the days are long and offer plenty of time with a big time window to go touring. Apart from the mountain adventures, there are possibilities to go bouldering, fishing, sightseeing, and surfing.

freeride guide arlberg
Cruising down huge ramps in solitude


  • Day 1: Arriving at Tromsø airport and driving to the accommodation
  • Day 2: Easy going warming up tour*
  • Day 3: Splitboard tour *
  • Day 4: Splitboard tour *
  • Day 5: Splitboard tour *
  • Day 6: Splitboard tour *
  • Day 7: Splitboard tour *
  • Day 8: Driving back to the airport

* The exact order and mountains we hike will depend on weather and snow conditions.

Lyngen Alps Splitboard trip


  • date 14-4-2024/21-4-2024

  • 6 guided days of splitboarding

  • 4-7 participants per guide

  • local transfer rental car included

  • accomodation included

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Exclusive flight, food and drinks, touring equipment

accomodation of our splitboard trip
The accomodation with harbor view


It’s important to relax and revive after a long day of touring. We got these warm little cozy Norwegian houses with a harbor view. Each day we drive from here with our cars to our touring destination. Each little wooden house houses 3-6 people and has got their own kitchen. After touring you can even have a dip in the Salt cold water, a perfect way regenerate your muscles after a long day of ski touring.

What level of snow- and splitboarding should I have?

You should be an experienced splitboarder on icy or compact snow and have to be able to make a solid kickturn. What also helps if you can descend short flat parts in ski mode. Riders that went to the Lofoten with us, should be ready AF :).
You don’t need any crampon/ice-pick experience as this is the perfect location to get accustomed to this climbing gear. Each day we ascend in between 900-1500 vertical meters, that’s around 3-7 hours of touring up in a relaxed way. Snowboarding wise, you should be able to ride comfortably in spring-, ice, and powder snow on steep slopes up to 45 degrees.

We boost your stoke level & skills
Pleasure is key for us
We make the best out of all conditions
Freeriding is our speciality
splitboarding Troms and Lyngen alps
Most of the runs we ride offer tons of space
tour gear Troms
It's important to have well working gear, you don't want to ruin your holiday

Gear you need

  • Splitboard in good working order
  • Skins that stick
  • Poles
  • Splitboard crampons
  • Ice-axe
  • (Airbag)backpack of around 30-40 liter
  • Beacon, Shovel, and Probe
  • A climbing harnass inc. hms carabiner for glacial travel
  • A helmet is strongly recommended

patagonia outerwear
jones snowboards
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