No lifts, no problem

It’s a strange year, all lifts are closed but we have snow and we still want to go out for some rad tours. The bottom of the valleys don’t offer that great snow at the start end the end of the winter, unless we have a really good winter.

In Austria a lot of the logging roads are getting used by hunters. That means the snow sometimes has tracks of the tires of the cars or ski-do tracks. You can skin up these flat roads and that is what we did for years, but everything progresses and in a winter where all the lifts are closed you still want to ride your board properly and a lot. To do this you can save a ton of energy by going up with an e-bike. I don’t say this the solution or the future, but it looks like its going in this direction at the moment.

Jones snowboards
jones flagship 162w
Jones snowboards

Ebike setup

I am still experimenting with a quick setup. This giant reign e+ pro was loaded up with the Thule tour rack. It's working fine, but a bit slow to setup. For next year I have gotten a cyclite ski rack, that I need to reinforce as the 3d printed plastic is a bit weak. If you are interested in Mountainbiking, you should check out our summer activities at MTB Tours & Trails

giant ereign with splitboard
giant ereign with splitboard
patagonia outerwear
jones snowboards
smith optics